4-in-1 Charger Radio-Alarm Flashlight


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A 4-in-1 handy dynamo charger (battery free) flashlight.

It is also an AM/FM radio, a panic alarm for safety and a special plug to charge your cell phone so you can be worry free in cases of emergency.


• 1 LED or 3 Ultra Bright LED Flashlight
• AM/FM Dial Tuning Radio
• Cell Phone Charger • Emergency Alarm
• Efficient Dynamo Power • No Batteries Needed
• Standard Earphone Jack
• iPhone, mini-USB and USB port adapters and cable included
• Ultra-Bright LED Lights Can Last Up to 50,000 Hours

video: https://youtu.be/Rg_6aS6aFW8
Peso 0.25 kg
Dimensões 190 × 57 × 59 cm


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