Ecoforce Wind Turbine – 600W

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This model has been designed for installation in homes, businesses, boats,
farms, including total resistance to saline environments. The protective coating adds high-tech enhanced resistance to the effects of sun, wind and water. All components have been tested and evaluated as showing no degradation to performance within marine conditions.


  1. Convenient, reliable, simple – is a name you can count on for energy security
  2. Easy installation.
  3. Waterproof.
  4. Carbon Fiber Propellers ensure low wind noise. Composed of cast Aluminium ensuring lightweight equipment.
  5. Charge Regulator fully integrated, automatically shuts off when the batteries are charged to minimize wear.
  6. Maintenance-free – only two moving parts.
  7. Maximum power up to 600 watts or 40 amps in ideal conditions


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