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Solar Powered External Battery Emergency Power Charger

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The EPC5008 Heavy duty suitcase solar charger came from prolonged research by national experts in high-tech content, environmental protection, and energy conservation. The product has powerful rechargeable and storage functions, it has good stability, and most importantly it does not have the shortages of the similar products in the market, it can even be used under weak or nearly no sunlight. Based on those advantages, and the fact that it has safety protection, good compatibility, high-capacity, compact size, long life and high performance-price ratio, it will be the best product for business, travel, outdoor operations, home use, and also as a gift for relatives and friends.


  1. Lightweight, easy to carry design allows you to slip it into any bag.
  2. Different voltage outputs allows for charging of most consumer devices.
  3. Eliminates the mess of carrying charging cables and other wires.
  4. It is a clean source of power!


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