Solar White Festive String Lights


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Enjoy the bright cheer of decorative lights without the mess and danger of extension cords!
These beautifully faceted white LED lights are safely and cleanly powered by the sun, even on cloudy days, with an amorphous solar panel. No need for electric plugs. String them outside or indoors, and choose steady or blinking mode to suit your mood. At dusk, your lights will turn on automatically.


• Only Needs Sunlight to Power, No Electric Bills to Pay
• Safe And Easy to Set Up, No More Pesky Extension Cords
• 8 Hours of Bright Sunlight Generates a Full Charge
• Up to 3 Nights of 6 Hours Each of Usage on a Full Charge
• Attractive White Bulbs with Blinking or Steady Modes
• Lights Turn On Automatically At Dusk
• Lights Turn Off Automatically After 6 Hours
• Reliable and Durable Lighting
• Clean and Environmentally Friendlier To Use


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