UGE – Wind Turbine EddyGT 1kW

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This turbine model can generate 1750 kWh/yr Annual Energy at wind speeds averaging 5.5 m/s.
Our partners at UGE have developed this revolutionary new dual axis design that eliminates the main concern of other vertical axis wind turbines, that of premature bearing failure.  Through this technology, our turbines significantly outperform the competition by spreading both horizontal and vertical forces along the length of the axis.  For you this means increased durability and power production along with lower vibration and resistance.


  1. Convenient, reliable, simple – eddy is a name you can count on for energy security
  2. Different voltage outputs allows for off-grid and grid-tie compatibility: 1110V, 120V, 208V, 220V, 230V, 240V
  3. Highly durable fiberglass products with 20 year Warranty from a ISO 9001 certified manufacturer.
  4. Easy to install – The eddy is designed for quick, and easy assembly; allowing it to be assembled in just below one hour between a group of 3 people.
  5.  UGE wind turbines are so quiet, you won’t even know they’re spinning due to the low RPM and helical design leads to very low-vibration, which enables installation in many locations.
  6. It is a clean source of power.


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